How to search through your mail using Earth Class Mail

Jake Norrie

Jake Norrie

May 7, 2021

How to search through your mail using Earth Class Mail

How to search through your mail using Earth Class Mail

Almost everyone - 98% of people - open their mail the day they receive it, according to a U.S. Postal Service study. However, keeping it organized and finding a certain document when you need it can be another story. After you open your mail comes the sorting, searching, and organization. 

Sorting through mail can be time-consuming and tedious. On average, Americans spend three hours each week reading and sorting through mail. When sorting, most people will pull out any personal letters or cards and then are left with those pesky white envelopes. That mail then piles up on surfaces all over the place—making it easy to lose track of and get overwhelmed by the stacks of paper.

One solution: A virtual mailbox, which makes organizing your mail convenient and simple. Your mail becomes digitized and lost, cluttered papers are left in the past. 

How a virtual mailbox helps organize paper mail clutter

With a virtual mailbox through Earth Class Mail, sorting begins the moment your mail arrives at our scanning facilities. Earth Class Mail’s team of operators acts as a spam filter for your physical mail. You see the important things, with promotional materials, catalogs, or coupons automatically sorted out. According to the postal service, junk mail makes up more than half of all the mail processed each year. That means we’ll save you half the time, immediately.

Digitized mail makes organization easy

With all your incoming mail digitized and sorted, record-keeping and filing become simpler than ever. Your mail is organized and left to be viewed at your disposal whenever. 

Your scanned mail transfers into high-resolution PDFs that you can access anywhere, anytime. A full text search feature allows you to search any keyword related to the specific item you are looking for, saving you countless hours digging through piles of mail. 

Once you find your mail you need using the full text search feature, we make it easy to use that mail how you want to. All of our plans boast unlimited digital copies of your mail. 

No more misplaced or lost mail 

All Earth Class Mail plans offer unlimited cloud storage of these scans, as well as 30 days of free physical storage. Cloud storage combined with text-searching means you can sort through a lifetime of documents for exactly what you’re looking for, even if you received it years before. 

Need a physical copy? We can ship it to you. When you ask, we forward your mail wherever you want.l allowing you to control your shipment: what it includes, how to package it, and timelines and insurance. We’ll even help with customs forms if needed.

A virtual mailbox saves your business time

In a business setting, we often need to share important documents between departments or team members. With a virtual mailbox, we do the heavy lifting for you. Once you find the document you want to send to others, you can send them a copy without visiting the copy room with a click of the “share” button. 

When it’s time to check that mail, anyone from your team can log into your Earth Class account from any device. We customize MailRoom plans based on business needs, so you can add as many or as few people to the account. Either way, we take care of some of the most labor-intensive parts of your business, organize your mail, leaving you time to focus on more important things.

Interested in learning how virtual mailboxes could work for your home or office? Learn more here.


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