Post office change of address

Joanna Heep

Joanna Heep

July 26, 2021

Post office change of address

You have a new address. Whether you’ve moved, signed up for a virtual mailbox or PO box, or have taken your business remote, you now need to communicate your new address with everyone.

When you sign up for a virtual mailbox or virtual address, you still need to officially change your address to receive mail sent to the address you were using. 

Here are a few of the easiest ways to tell others about your change of address:

1. Complete an official change of address form with the United States Postal Office 

You can fill out an official form from the USPS whether your address changes temporarily or permanently. You can change your address online at the USPS website or at a post office. The postal service will forward incoming mail after a change of address from your old address to your new address for 6 months, with the option to extend up to 1 year.

After the postal service receives your request, you should get a confirmation letter with an address confirmation and confirmation number. 

How many change of address forms do I need to fill out?

If you’re changing your address for your home, you can complete just one form if everyone in your household has the same last name. If you receive business mail at your home, you need to fill out a separate form for your business. Each business name will need its own form.

How do business change of addresses work?

If you’re only changing your business address, you can fill out the form just for your business name and continue to receive your personal mail at home. Only the mail addressed to your business will be forwarded to your new business address. 

How quickly does the change of address take effect?

Mail should start arriving at your new address within 7 to 10 postal business days after your chosen effective date or your file date, whichever date is later.

How much does USPS charge for a change of address? 

USPS charges a $1.05 fee if you fill out the form online. If you go to the post office and fill out a paper copy of the form, you don’t have to pay.

In your ECM account, you will be able to access a link to the USPS change of address form within your account. 

2. Notify your network directly

Even with your change of address orders in effect, you may still want to ensure that important senders know your new address.

Share your new address with your colleagues, friends, and family with a simple email or text. Or if you want to get creative, mail out a postcard informing your inner circle. 

Where do you need your residential address or business address updated?

Where you need to change your address will vary depending on if you're relocating your residence or business. Sit down and make a note of all the places your address could be listed. We’ve thought of a few important areas that we don’t want you to forget about:

  • Bank statements. Make sure you don’t miss any important financial information. Update your address with your bank, credit card company, and other places you receive bills from.

  • Your employer (or third party human resources). Inform your employer about changes to your address to make sure tax forms and paychecks have the correct address. (even if you have direct deposit) That way, when it’s time to file your tax return, it will go to the right address. 

  • Business registration and listings. If you change your business address, you will need to update your company’s registration with local and state registrations.  If your business is listed in any online or local directories, inform them of your address change as well.

  • Business marketing collateral. Your company’s website, marketing materials, email signatures, and business cards. As a business owner, you know everywhere your old address could be listed, from a company Facebook page to your printed marketing collateral. Update all of them.

  • Drivers license and other ID cards. If you’re moving your residence, you will also need to update the address on your driver license. You’ll also need to update your vehicle registration. You can do this on your state’s department of motor vehicles website where you can make a change of address request. 

Never want to change your address again? Consider a virtual mailbox

Changing your address can become a tedious task if you are an expat, business owner relocating, or you move your home base more often than you’d like. A virtual mailbox can allow you to move offices or homes as many times as you want - without requiring you to go through the steps to change your address. 

A virtual mailbox allows you to receive postal mail online with the use of a virtual address. Instead of going into your mailbox, the mail goes to a processing center where it’s sorted, scanned, and uploaded online.

Learn more about our different virtual mail plans and which one might work for you.


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