Happy Thanksgiving From Earth Class Mail

Renee Cottrell

Renee Cottrell

November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving From Earth Class Mail

What we’re thankful for at Earth Class Mail 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of all the great things we have here at Earth Class Mail to appreciate: our customers, our team, and places we live around the world.  

Given the amazing year we have had thanks to everyone involved, we thought it would be best to give a personal shoutout to the people and places that have kept us going and inspired us this year.

We’re thankful for where we live 

Here at Earth Class Mail, we are a tight knit community, but we work in cities all over the world. We stay connected and work together - but each place we work has its benefits. 

San Antonio, Texas is our current Earth Class Mail headquarters, and many of our customer support, sales, and management members call this city home. We are always thankful for San Antonio’s lively atmosphere, great food, and beautiful weather year round! 

“As a kid, San Antonio was a weekend getaway spot for my family, coming in from West Texas- so for me, it is the nostalgia of the fun weekends we shared together here. I am enamored by the history, architecture and the proud culture. San Antonio is for sure a special place with its own vibe.” - Ashley Earnest, Sales Development Representative

Beaverton, Oregon serves as the center for all of our mail operations, while playing a massive part in what we do as a company. It’s also where the company was founded. We are extremely proud and thankful for our operation team’s diligence, speed, and safety when it comes to handling mail for our customers and getting it where it needs to go! Voted one of the best places to live in Oregon, our team there enjoys four beautiful seasons with a spread of tasty local bars and restaurants to enjoy. 

“I’m grateful to live in Beaverton because it’s perfectly situated for all the activities you could want to do. You can visit the ocean, go on mountain hikes, and visit the city and it’s all within 30 minutes in any direction,” - Jeff Hoege, General Manager, Operations 

Krakow, Poland is home to multiple members of our engineering, marketing and development teams. We are of course very thankful for their software expertise that keeps the Earth Class Mail apps you love up and running daily! Krakow is a rich center for historic architecture and culture, with some great modern spots that make it an amazing home for our team members. 

“The more I travel, the more I appreciate Krakow as the place to come back to. Thousands of years of history blends in a unique way with a vibrant startup (and tech overall) scene, fueled by the top talent attracted by Krakow universities. There is both vibrant nightlife and beautiful quiet parks, great concert venues and theaters, medieval relics are to be found right next to cutting edge modern architecture. Between local artists and those including Krakow on their route, there is always something interesting going on. Get on the market square of the old Jewish Quarter and you will hear every language possible. And when you get tired of the city life, there’s plenty of amazing national parks around and the Tatra Mountains are just a 2 hours drive away.”- Mariusz Wozniak, Director of Product Design 

Thankful for our team members 

We simply cannot say enough about how grateful we are for our Earth Class Mail team, and all of the amazing people behind our departments that are truly passionate about what they do! 

Building an awesome group of people from the ground up has taught us so much about our vision for the future of technology, mail, and how people worldwide communicate. From our most senior members to our newest hire, we are thankful that each and every person who walks into Earth Class Mail lends us their time, innovation, and talent every single day. 

“I’m thankful for my team here at Earth Class Mail, which includes Sales and Partnerships. Our mission is to delight our customers, and they do that every day. The teams consult daily with dozens of individuals and businesses who are interested in learning more about streamlining their personal lives or business operations by securely and virtually accessing their mail anywhere, anytime, from any device.” - Justin Jeske, VP of Sales and Partnerships

Thankful for our Customers 

Last but not least, our customers are truly the heart and soul of what we do here, so we are beyond thankful for your trust and support! As we are always growing and learning, you are our primary stakeholder as well as a source of inspiration; we love interacting with everyone who uses our products and services to find out what would be best for you. 

“Our customers are an inspiration — many of them have started and grown businesses through tumultuous times and I’m so interested in learning about their entrepreneurial journeys. It’s great to hear how they’ve found new business niches - and how many of them have realized post-pandemic that they can fill those market voids while working remotely. They are all an inspiration to me! (And if you ever want to share a story about yours, please feel free to reach out to me!)”- Sara Yonker, Head of Content 

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone on the Earth Class Mail team!


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