Earth Class Mail launches a virtual mailbox app for Android

Tere Kovacs

Tere Kovacs

August 4, 2021

Earth Class Mail launches a virtual mailbox app for Android

At Earth Class Mail, we don’t want to tie you down to a physical mailbox or just one mailing address to receive your mail. Since 2004, we’ve helped customers access their mail from anywhere - but in the last two years, it was a lot easier for our customers if they had an Apple device.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of our Android app in the Google Play store. For our Android customers, the new app allows access to their Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox account easier to access and allows for pop-up notifications when they have new mail in their account.

What features does the Android app have?

The Android app allows you to manage your mail with these features:

  • set notifications

  • see incoming mail that has been opened and scanned

  • share the PDF of your mail.  

Android App

You also have additional choices to archive, shred, and download your mail to your favorite cloud provider, or store your mail in our warehouse - for an additional fee after 30 days. As always, you can view and manage your mail without having to sort through junk mail. 

We are currently working on adding more features to the app. Some features such as requesting shipments or check deposits, moving items between folders or another recipient are not available with the first version release. These features and more will be developed in the next versions. 

Meet Piotr, one of the developers who worked on the Android app

Piotr Zola

Name and job title: Piotr Zoła - Senior Mobile Developer

What was your role in the Android App?

Originally I was responsible for the iOS application, but as a person who works for Earth Class Mail for a while now, I was working together with other developers on the Android app as well. 

I helped organize the work, set priorities, checked the quality of all of the coding, and oversaw the delivery process. Now we have an application which can be easily developed with more features, which we should be able to add soon. 

What's a feature you can't wait to roll out in the app's 2.0 version? 

First of all, we want to ensure parity between all our platforms. You can expect big features like ordering shipments or requesting check deposits to come soon. I would be excited to add searching capabilities within a customer’s account. I think this would enhance the user experience so it would be really easy to find any mail item within your inbox.

What's your favorite app on your phone?

I’m an outdoors lover, I love to hike, climb, cycle, so my favorite application that helps me track my progress is Strava. It also connects you with your friends from social media to compete with them and integrates with many devices like Garmin watches and more. I really love it!

What got you interested in technology and design?

I think it’s great when I can contribute to a product which is used by many users in different countries around the world. This desire to create tools which can help people on a daily basis was the trigger that pushed me into technology. Also, I was always better at math than other subjects!

If you could invent an app that did anything, what would it be?

I would really like to work on a project that would push people to their limits (in a good way) when they do sports or recover from injuries. Some apps like this already exist, but maybe I would try to find a niche. In my case, I think it might be climbing. There are no good apps for climbers available, so I think it can be a great idea to build an ultimate climbers app.

To use the app, you need to have an Earth Class Mail account, where you’ll select a PO Box or a real street address from our network of virtual addresses.

Excited to give it a try? Download your Android Earth Class Mail app today and let us know what you think of this first version! 


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