Earth Class Mail in Fast Company

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We were excited to recently be featured in Fast Company’s “The Post Office in the Cloud” – a look at how startup companies are tackling digitization of snail mail.

 Here’s a quick snippet featuring Alex Polvi, founder and CEO of CoreOS:

One of the oldest mail digitization services, called Earth Class Mail, integrates with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox to upload scanned mail and with to process invoices and payments.

“Ninety percent of our mail that we actually need, after you weed out the junk, we can digitize it and just have it in our [cloud storage] and that’s good enough,” says Alex Polvi, the founder and CEO of server software company CoreOS, which uses Earth Class Mail as its virtual mailroom.

CoreOS has moved offices as it’s grown to its present size of about 40 employees, but it’s maintained a consistent, and somewhat anonymized, mailing address thanks to Earth Class Mail.

Administrative staff can simply handle the company’s mail online, storing necessary documents digitally and having packages forwarded to CoreOS’s physical office address, he says.

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