Does having a prestigious address help your business?

Sara Yonker

Sara Yonker

June 28, 2021

Does having a prestigious address help your business?

Sometimes, where you do business can be just as important as what you’re doing.

Much like how the location of a home in an exclusive neighborhood can help it sell, businesses can benefit from an office in the right spot. 

If you want to launch a tech startup, you can heighten your professional image with a San Francisco mailing address. If you have a luxury lifestyle brand, a Park Avenue address might add to that prestige

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay inflated office rent to reap the same rewards that an established office address might give you. Earth Class Mail offers virtual business addresses, including some exclusive addresses, perfect for startups, virtual offices, and remote businesses that don’t actually need the office space. 

Even if you just want to use the address for marketing purposes, and you have an office somewhere else, a virtual address can serve that purpose. You can combine virtual addresses with virtual mailbox services to receive mail and manage it. 

Virtual addresses in New York City on Park Avenue

Office space on Park Avenue will cost you between $80 and $110 per square foot, compared to the national average range of $8 to $23 per square foot. It’s easy to understand why not all businesses, whether a startup or established company, would want to pay those rates.

With remote work growing more prevalent, there’s no reason to pay Park Avenue prices for work that you can do from your home office.

But there’s still a business boost when you have an upscale address listed on your website, business cards, and email signature, especially if you work with affluent clientle. 

Earth Class Mail offers a virtual business address  on Park Avenue. You’ll get the posh street address without the price tag. 

Virtual address in San Francisco on Market Street

The majority of major tech companies, from Twitter to Google, make their home in Silicon Valley or in San Francisco. It makes sense that if you’re aiming to join them, you want your company close to the action.

But as anyone in the tech industry knows, development work can happen anywhere. When you’re going before companies for funding or marketing your software as an essential tool for other applications, it can help to list an address where other tech giants do business.

An address on Market Street, a recognizable San Francisco thoroughfare, can give you that credibility. 

Business mailing addresses for Boston, Denver, and other major cities

It’s not just the recognizable street names that attract businesses to virtual addresses. If you operate a business from another state, another country, or even a nearby small town, you may want the professionalism that comes from a mailing address in a major city.

Maybe you’re a film and production company that wants an address along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, or a political consultant that would benefit from a Washington D.C. address. With a virtual business address, home-based businesses can get a real street address and not have to use their home mailing address. 

You don’t even need to live near the virtual address to receive mail there because you can access your mail from anywhere. 

What is a virtual address?

Businesses use virtual addresses as their primary mailing address, but they don’t occupy space there. It’s a real physical location, but the mail sent to the address gets routed to our secure processing center. 

At our center, we sort and scan your mail. You log in to our platform and view your mail from anywhere. After you read it, you can shred it, forward the PDF to others, or request forwarding of the original document. 

Earth Class Mail offers both virtual mailbox services, if you want to manage your mail, and plans for those who don’t expect mail but want a virtual business address. Pick the plan that works best for you. 


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