Earth Class Mail Launches New Pricing

By: Earth Class Mail Team

Published July 2, 2020

Earth Class Mail, an online service for accessing postal mail, today announced updated pricing to deliver more value to its customers and welcomed a new leadership team.

Over 50,000 individuals and businesses have used Earth Class Mail to reduce the burden of managing paper mail. 

“Earth Class Mail has given us enhanced control and security of our postal mail,” said Jay Ackerman, President and CEO at Reveleer. “Being able to manage paper mail online has allowed us to scale and focus on driving innovation in our platform.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, the company has enabled its customers to adapt quickly to remote work.

“We are so glad that we decided to subscribe earlier this year,” said James Gadsby, COO of Desire Street Ministries. “We routed all of our new mail through Earth Class Mail ahead of an office move in July. We love this solution and are already telling others about it.”

New Pricing Gives Customers More 

After listening to customer feedback, Earth Class Mail launched new pricing that provides an increased amount of service for its price point.

The company’s new MailBox plans are created for individuals and small businesses that need a reliable and straightforward virtual mailbox service. Its MailRoom plans are designed for businesses that receive a higher volume of postal mail or that receive mail for a large number of employees. 

“Our customers want the freedom to manage and access their mail from anywhere. Earth Class Mail has been providing customers with online access to their postal mail for 15 years and we are excited to offer customers more value with our new pricing,” says Earth Class Mail’s new CEO, Fergus Burns. 

New leadership dedicated to improving customer experience 

To support its dedication to maximizing value for customers, Earth Class Mail has also made additions to its leadership team. 

Fergus Burns, with over 25 years of experience developing customer-centric products at companies like Amazon, Criteo, and Microsoft, has joined as Chief Executive Officer. Mike Brown, a retired Air Force Colonel, and Fighter Pilot who’s led teams at companies like AtHoc (acquired by BlackBerry), BlackBerry, and Chargify, has joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Gwen Murray, a marketing leader with experience driving customer engagement at companies like L’Oreal, Amazon, and Shyft, joined as Vice President of Marketing. Frank Aguilar, a product experience leader who has worked for brands including Disney and Amazon, has joined as Director of Customer Experience. Andrew Luxem, a 12-year Amazon veteran, joined as Director of Product Marketing. Finally, Peter Frasco, an Army Veteran who also spent time at BlackBerry, has joined as Director of Software and Infrastructure.

Building on a track record of delivering industry-leading products and services, the organization’s new leaders are dedicated to improving the everyday lives of Earth Class Mail customers. 

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Earth Class Mail Featured on The Lawyerist Podcast: Episode #256

In this episode of The Lawyerist Podcast, Jess Garza, CEO of Earth Class Mail, sat down with Sam Glover, of The Lawyerist, to discuss how a virtual mailbox or digital mailroom can help attorneys keep postal mail and paper out of the office and enable them to operate a more efficient practice.  

Listen to Garza, discuss the benefits of lawyers using a fully digital mailroom with Glover. Earth Class Mail has been scanning and digitizing postal mail for over fifteen years and is the premier digital mail service provider for businesses across all industries.  The interview with Jess begins at 9:43 and ends at 15:00 if you want to listen to Earth Class Mail’s spotlight in episode 256 of the Lawyerist Podcast.

In need of a digital mail and paper solution?

If you’d like to learn more about Earth Class Mail and our legal-specific solutions, connect with us here.

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Year In Review 2019

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2020 we’re also taking the opportunity to reflect on 2019. As a company we have a lot to celebrate given the growth we experienced in new customers, team members, and product enhancements. Most important to us, we continued to transform how our customers receive and interact with their postal mail. 

Check out some of our favorite highlights from 2019 below!  

By the Numbers

Let’s start by taking a look back at 2019 and the number of mail items we processed for our customers.

Product Enhancements 

In early 2019, we released an entirely new interface that, in addition to a new look and feel, introduced a number of new features.  The improvements are a reflection of our mission to transform the way businesses and people receive and interact with their postal mail; making it as simple, fast, and familiar as managing email. 

The new interface is the result of customer interviews and feedback, as well as a study of how customers use our service. Based on what we learned, we introduced new automation rules like auto-deposit for checks, a feature customers love because it ensures expedient payment processing and reduces the time they have to wait to access funds. Another exciting development was more advanced artificial intelligence, or machine learning, that identifies and categorizes incoming documents by type. Building on our optical character recognition capabilities, we began extracting key data from certain document types in 2019; you’ll hear more about this in the year ahead as we further develop this offering in 2020. The result of the work we’ve done in 2019 is a more powerful interface that makes it easier to navigate, organize, and take action on mail items.   

We also brought FileRoom to our customers in 2019. FileRoom gives our customers the ability to have us receive, scan, and digitize paper, beyond mail. It’s our way of doing for all physical documents what we’ve done for mail over the last 15 years. You can read about it in our blog post

One of the accomplishments we’re most proud of is the release of our iOS mobile app for customers. The app makes it easier than ever to manage postal mail on the go. Check it out in the Apple app store!

All of these product enhancements wouldn’t have been possible without our product and engineering teams and the nearly one million lines of code written to support these new features and improvements.  

Legal Solution Provider of the Year

Lawyers find our services particularly useful because of the paper heavy nature of their practices and the large volume of important legal documents they receive through the postal mail.  We’ve long believed that we have a great solution for lawyers looking to go paperless and we’re not alone in that thought. Just before the start of 2020 we were named Legal Tech Solution Provider of the Year by CIO Applications. You can read all about it here

Improving our Customers’ Experience

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and to increase the value we provide our customers. We know security, reliability, accuracy & speed are important to our customers and we plan to heavily focus on enhancing each one of these in 2020. From an educational perspective, we’re excited to announce we’ll be releasing a series of videos during the year to help customers better understand how to get the most out of our services.  

We’re thrilled for the year ahead, and would like to thank you for being an Earth Class Mail customer. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We promise to continue learning and innovating to better meet the needs of our customers and to make it possible to do more than ever with your digital mail.    

Be well,


The “Paperless Office” Is A Myth: Introducing FileRoom

While a lot of business paper has become digital, an estimated 70% of an organization’s business practices are still managed on paper and a vast majority of small businesses want to create more paperless workflows and processes.

Today, important paper almost always generates the need for quick digital action.  

Actionable and oftentimes sensitive information is trapped in stacks of paper, buried in cluttered file cabinets, or lost through erroneous manual entry or indexing. One study reported that employees spend at least 10 hrs per week looking for information in hardcopy documents. Businesses need paper transformed into digital information and the ability to quickly search, retrieve, and take action on it – without the labor-intensive process of scanning in-house. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce FileRoom, a service that enables customers to get paper out of their offices and into their digital workflows. With FileRoom, we can now do for all physical documents what we have been doing for mail for over 15 years – digitizing important paper and making it actionable.

Last summer, we introduced enhanced functionality to MailRoom (our core, mail-only offering) that gave our customers the ability to manage their office mail like email. Since then, thousands of digitized documents have been forwarded to others through our interface. In developing FileRoom, we set out to accomplish the same goal for all physical documents – to make interacting with paper as simple, fast, and familiar as managing email.

We make both mail and paper as powerful as email.

Why email?  Email is more than a means of communication. It has evolved into a platform for prioritizing, organizing, and even automating work. With FileRoom, like MailRoom, important paper becomes as powerful as email by enabling customers to: view, search, tag, organize, forward to colleagues, download, archive, and/or integrate with cloud storage platforms. 

FileRoom is a natural progression in the evolution of our business, which began digitizing mail in 2004. We’ve expanded our services beyond mail to include receipt processing (powered by our acquisition of Shoeboxed), remote check depositing, and custom integrations with customers’ proprietary software.

FileRoom is the perfect solution for businesses inundated with important paper.

For example, personal injury lawyers who use MailRoom today when collecting medical records and other discovery documents can start using FileRoom for digitizing backlogs of case files and ongoing practice management.   Insurers who commonly use MailRoom for payment processing can start using FileRoom for claims management. And, property managers using MailRoom today for processing rent payments can use FileRoom to digitize legal contracts like leases and other important paperwork. 

While most document management software allows users to upload and organize files, they leave the heavy lifting of paper intake, sorting, and scanning to the customer. Scanning services convert paper to digital format (usually delivered on outdated media formats like DVD), but may not power documents with full-text search and more importantly, they do not make physical paper instantly actionable. Further, these solutions are often lacking HIPAA-level security, an important consideration for many businesses.

FileRoom highlights:

  • Easily send us your paper documents for free with the Magic Label, log-in and request a prepaid shipping label and we’ll digitize and organize your documents using filing classifications and naming conventions designed by you. 
  • Organize documents according to your specific business model or department and related workflows.  You can create cabinets for organizing documents. Inside of cabinets, drawers may be created for more precise filing. Individual documents can be tagged with identifiers.
  • All scanned documents are fully searchable. You can search by keyword, date, invoice number, or other criteria to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for in seconds.
  • Take action on paper documents like email: send digital copies via E-mail, send to other cloud storage devices, move to, and download.  You can take additional action on paper such as store, shred, ship and more.

With MailRoom and FileRoom, Earth Class Mail now offers the only laborless digital mail and paper solution that makes physical paper instantly actionable.  We’re leveraging what we built and refined for handling postal mail – a foundation that has processed over 19 million pieces of paper.  

The enhancements made to MailRoom last summer were, in large part, a result of customer feedback and what we learned about how they want to interact with their mail.  We realize, as we have seen with mail, that not every business will work with their important paper in exactly the same way.  

We will continue to learn and innovate to meet the needs of our customers and to make it possible to do more than ever with their paper with features like: multiple intake options, advanced automation rules, and key data extraction.

As always, stay tuned!

Join Earth Class Mail at the 2019 Dig-In Conference for Digital Insurance

Earth Class Mail is excited to travel north from our San Antonio headquarters to spend a few days exhibiting at this year’s Dig-In conference at the Neal Kocurek Memorial Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. Dig-In is an innovative, industry-leading event built to showcase the best aspects of the digital future of insurance.  Attendees include senior technology and strategy decision makers from insurance carriers from across the U.S. and around the globe including, P&C and life technology executives, P&C and life strategy executives, heads of innovation, digital strategy executives, startups, AI & analytics firms, customer experience firms, strategy & innovation experts, drones, IOT and telematics firms, venture capital investors, private equity investors, regulators and government officials, and technology innovators looking to partner with industry leaders.

Stop by our Booth #724 in the Exhibit Hall to learn how we transform mail into actionable data. 

Schedule a brief in-person meeting at our booth and you’ll receive an extra entry into our drawing to win an Apple Watch Series 4.

When you visit our booth, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Learn more about Earth Class Mail solutions for the insurance industry.
  • Enter to win an Apple Watch Series 4.
  • Pick up an Earth Class Mail insulated water bottle. Come early as supplies are limited.

Exhibition Dates and Hours:

  • Wednesday, May 29th: 1:30 pm – 6:45 pm
  • Thursday, May 30th: 9:15 am – 7:00 pm
  • Friday, May 31st: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Follow @EarthClassMail and the conference hashtag #DigIn2019 on Twitter. We hope to see you there!

To learn more about our solutions, please contact: [email protected] or 210-802-5211.

Launching Auto-Deposit for CheckStream

We developed CheckStream with simple goals: help people save time and get paid faster by depositing checks straight from their inbox. With more than $120 million in deposited checks this year alone, we’ve accomplished our goals by saving you from unnecessary trips to the bank.

We wanted to do more to create an even better and faster solution, and with our launch of Auto-Deposit, we’re giving CheckStream that boost.

Although faster than walking checks to a teller, it still takes time to open your inbox, locate mail items containing checks, and manually request a deposit for each check. Now, Auto-Deposit will complete the check depositing process from start to finish the moment we detect a check in your inbox.  

Plus, when paired with our existing Auto-Scan rule, Auto-Deposit will allow you to receive your cash without a single search or click in your inbox. It’s a ‘set and forget’ solution without limits on the number of checks you can deposit into any domestic bank account.

Here’s how ‘set and forget’ works:

  • Once enabled, Auto-Scan will automatically scan the contents of mail items received in your virtual inbox.
  • If any of the items contain a check, the Auto-Deposit rule will immediately begin the depositing process.
  • Cash arrives in your account without you having to open your inbox. 

When you set up your Auto-Deposit rule, you’ll be able to choose which domestic bank account will receive your checks. You also choose what happens to the physical and digital copies of the check and mail item once we’ve completed the deposit.

We deposit checks overnight free of charge to Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, or Wells Fargo. You can also overnight a check to other banks for a fee. Imagine seeing cash appear in your accounts within 24 hours of receiving a check without ever opening your inbox. It’s that simple.

Auto-Deposit is Earth Class Mail’s best solution for saving you time and speeding up your cash flow. All created so that you spend your time doing what you want.

Learn more about setting up Auto-Scan and Auto-Deposit, or reach out to our customer success team at [email protected].

Sort and Preview Postal Mail, Just Like Email

By Nicole Hairston on October 1, 2018 

We introduced the new Earth Class Mail interface in July 2018 and asked you to provide feedback. Since then, we’ve heard from hundreds of customers and have started to make some of your requested improvements!

We’ve added a Preview Panel – a configurable space where you can sort and manage actions ‘at-a-glance’ while viewing scanned content, request actions, find your item ID or see a full-size image of your envelope without having to leave the Inbox list to view these details.

Some other helpful changes we’ve made based on your feedback:

  • New and unviewed items are now displayed in bold text so that you can more easily discover them when viewing your Inbox.
  • You can now filter your Inbox list using new “Viewed” or “Not Viewed” tags for more precise results.
  • Request scans and shipments with fewer clicks and default selections.
  • Archived items will no longer show up when filtering by Recipient. We know that was frustrating for you, so we’re happy it’s now resolved.

Log in today to experience these new improvements first hand. Send any feedback or questions to [email protected]; we look forward to hearing from you! 

Coming Soon – We’re hard at work on delivering additional feedback from you, like adding the ability to create folders, a new option to be alerted when a check is detected, mobile optimizations and additional usability improvements; stay tuned!

More Than Mail: Earth Class Mail Has Acquired Shoeboxed

Just a couple weeks ago, we proudly introduced you to the new Earth Class Mail and announced the release of our new user interface. In our effort to provide greater value to businesses looking to automate and streamline mail related workflows, we spent countless hours over several months learning from you.

One thing you made very clear… It’s not just mail accumulating in your offices.

You have piles of paper cluttering desks and filling up file cabinets, all slowing you down and exposing you to risk in the process. You told us that you wanted to be able to have the same automation, actionability, security, and online access, that you do for mail, applied to documents of all kinds.

We took that challenge seriously.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you that Earth Class Mail has acquired Shoeboxed, a well-established company that has been turning receipts into digital data since 2007. Shoeboxed will expand our abilities beyond mail and further enable us to remove more paper from your office and make it useful to you, immediately.

Shoeboxed offers integrations with popular accounting software, easy reporting, and the ability to handle digital uploads via email or mobile app. Like Earth Class Mail, and unlike others in the industry, Shoeboxed also takes the pain of physical paper off your hands. No need to scan or upload if you prefer not to, simply fill a postage-paid “Magic Envelope” with as many receipts as you can and drop it in the mail. Shoeboxed handles the rest and you get immediate access to key data extracted from each transaction from receipts. All reportable and accessible when and if the IRS should come knocking on your door.

We couldn’t be happier about what this means for Earth Class Mail customers and Shoeboxed customers alike. There’s a lot more to come, but for now, we hope you’ll take a look at what Shoeboxed has to offer if you haven’t already! 

Jess Garza, CEO

Read more on the Shoeboxed blog