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Built for Entrepreneurs: Stripe Atlas + Earth Class Mail

Gwen Murray

November 12, 2020

For entrepreneurs, scrappiness is a must. Easy-to-use services to get their business up and running can help save time and money - things company founders cannot waste.

Stripe Atlas + Earth Class Mail 

To help new companies successfully launch their business, Earth Class Mail teamed up with the folks at Stripe Atlas. The partnership began in February of this year, and since then, we have seen dozens of mutual customers benefit from our combined offering.

Stripe Atlas is a great option for companies who need assistance incorporating their company but don’t want to go the DIY route. For just $500, Stripe will incorporate your company, arrange the registered agent, create your federal EIN, and even open a bank account for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that! According to Tyler Tate, a two-time company founder and current employee at Instacart, “If I were starting a new company today, I would use Stripe Atlas in a heartbeat.” Tyler writes about his journey as a founder and lessons learned in this “Startup Cheat-Sheet” full of tips and tricks for entrepreneurs.

A Natural Partnership 

Stripe Atlas and Earth Class Mail form a natural partnership as incorporating a company requires submitting an address visible to the public. Apart from providing an address, Earth Class Mail’s virtual mailbox service digitizes postal mail and gives you a dedicated address. This offers added efficiencies. Say you decide to move offices. It can be time-consuming to update your business address with state and federal governments, banks, etc. Getting a dedicated address that doesn’t physically tie you to a specific location right at the beginning removes the hassle. It also frees your team from organizing and dealing with postal mail - because managing postal mail will be as easy as checking your email. You can also choose marquee addresses in cities such as New York and San Fransisco to give your business an even more prestigious image. 

Finding Earth Class Mail in the Stripe Atlas Onboarding Experience

Companies looking to incorporate their business via Stripe Atlas will find the Earth Class Mail offering as part of their onboarding flow. David Engle, CEO of Upright Labs, found Earth Class Mail when establishing his Stripe Atlas account. He is a joint customer and finds Earth Class Mail’s service to be reliable and efficient. It has also allowed his team “to go fully remote,” as many teams need help within 2020. By combining Stripe Atlas’ service to incorporate his company, and Earth Class Mail’s virtual address product, he has had a complete, hassle-free experience. David also mentioned enjoying “how everything was handled for me” by our team of world-class onboarding specialists.

Focus on Running Your Business

At Earth Class Mail, we strive to make life easier for our customers by removing the hassle of postal mail to focus on more important things - like running their business. Stripe Atlas also strives to make its customers’ lives easier and do so in an efficient, intuitive, and helpful way. Our partnership has been a natural fit!

We are proud to partner with a company like Stripe Atlas and know that we are benefitting the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide. According to David Engle, he is “looking forward to being a user for many years,” and we at Earth Class Mail look forward to continuing to provide a great service that exceeds his expectations!

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