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Automating check depositing for nonprofits with a virtual mailbox

Joanna Heep

Joanna Heep

June 7, 2021

Automating check depositing for nonprofits with a virtual mailbox

Many nonprofits and small businesses don’t have the personnel or time to manage administrative tasks, such as processing and depositing checks. 

Without a budget for additional headcount, how can you save time to focus on things like fundraising and running operations? Consider automating your mail so you can deposit checks remotely, without even having to touch an envelope. 

Using a virtual address for your next fundraising campaign 

Nonprofit organizations face numerous obstacles during fundraising campaigns. If you’re running a substantial campaign that can’t survive on small online donations, you need an easier option. If you automatically deposit checks, your campaign will run smoother. 

Maybe you received pledges, but it’s not always easy to collect those checks if you don’t interact with donors regularly. In many cases, donors hesitate to make all electronic donations or wire money through online banking and prefer writing a check.

Plus, if your nonprofit doesn’t operate an office, you need an address for those checks to go to. You could use your home address, but that poses privacy concerns and creates complications if your board of directors changes.  A virtual address that provides check depositing can solve both concerns at the same time, without requiring a visit to the post office.

You don’t also want the burden of collecting and keeping track of donation checks and making multiple trips to the bank. Time is money. A virtual address takes away the extra work that comes with fundraising campaigns. 

What are the benefits of automating check depositing?

Get paid easier than ever 

If you’re running a fundraising campaign or simply getting vendors to pay you via check, you can make the whole process hands-free. With Earth Class Mail’s automatic check depositing feature, you can get paid with a click of a button. In fact, we deposit between $8 million to $20 million a week for our customers. 

Mobile check deposit is now available on our iOS app. This lets you deposit checks to your checking account from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. 

Reduces overhead costs 

Some businesses, especially startups, small offices, and nonprofit organizations, don’t have the luxury of having an office manager. Outsourcing some of your administrative tasks can give your leadership more time to spend on what’s more important.

Organizations have outsourced payroll and accounting functions for decades.  A virtual mailbox gives you even more automation.  

Virtual mailbox services use an address you select as the mailing address. The mail you receive will be forwarded to a processing center. There, technicians sort, open, scan, and, in the case of paper checks, deposit it, into your bank account with your accounting software of choice. 

It also helps keep other business operations running smoothly. All your paper documents become text-searchable PDFs, so you won’t lose an important piece of mail again.   Prevent stolen checks in the mail or lost checks

With automated check depositing, you remove the risk of paper checks getting lost or stolen from your mailbox. With mail theft on the rise, a virtual address keeps you from worrying about stolen checks. 

It can also be easy to lose a check in the paper clutter in your office. Checks must be deposited in 180 days or they become invalid. By eliminating the risk of lost checks, you’ll ensure all your money makes it to your bank account. 

With Earth Class Mail’s platform and in its app, you can view and manage your mail, track your payments, and make mobile deposits. 

Spend more time doing what’s important 

Automating your check depositing saves you time, which saves money and increases efficiency. 

Earth Class Mail’s virtual mailbox and address service automates labor intensive mail processes like sorting, opening, scanning, and check deposit. Our service allows you to manage your mail and access mail online from wherever. When you automate your administrative tasks, you’ll be able to focus on more important things, like running your business. 

Want some more tips on reducing time spent doing administrative tasks? Read more here.  

Automating processes such as check payment depositing will add time back into the day and get you paid faster than ever. Interested in taking the leap yourself? Sign up for a virtual mailbox.

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