Is Your Law Firm Prepared for Remote Work?

Law practices around the world are hustling to transition their teams to remote work — identifying ways to ensure they continue to meet ethics and confidentiality standards, comply with statutory requirements, and keep clients front and center during a time of uncertainty.

Thanks to cloud-based computing, a plethora of tools exist to help firms create as seamless a transition for their clients as possible. 

The tech tools virtual law firms need

A handful of effective and secure cloud-based tools can help a law firm maintain business continuity and continue to provide exceptional service during an unforeseen disruption in day-to-day operations.

Video conferencing software

While many attorney-client and internal office communications will continue to occur over the phone, video conferencing often improves the client’s experience and in certain situations, like deposition or witness prep, can be critical to the lawyer’s ability to provide guidance.

Virtual mail

Most law firms still have a significant postal mail load, and managing that without staff in the office is almost impossible. Even for firms that can have one staff person on-site to receive paper mail, the task of scanning mail and sending it to each recipient doesn’t use their time effectively. 

Virtual mailrooms allow attorneys to have immediate digital access to all paper mail and reduces an unnecessary task for staff so that they can focus on better supporting the firm’s work for clients. 

Virtual filing systems

Lawyers working remotely need quick and consistent access to their documents and files. A virtual fileroom – developed specifically for professions that require heightened security measures – ensures that both lawyers and staff are able to get the documents they need while out of the office.

Networking systems

Many attorneys rely on networking within their larger firm or at in-person events to build their book of business. Working virtually can drastically reduce the opportunities available for connection with other attorneys — to bounce ideas around or to develop referral partners. 

Social media platforms can provide online networking. Some of LinkedIn’s legal groups are quite active. There are also companies and associations creating virtual networks for specific practice areas. For instance, Justice HQ is an elite membership of consumer advocate attorneys who receive, among other things, networking opportunities through private Slack channels and membership directories that help them share and refer cases.

Practice management software

Cloud-based practice management systems allow the internal workings of a law firm to transition seamlessly from in-person to remote operations. Having time tracking, contacts and calendars, and matter data all in one place that can be accessed by each team member from their remote workstation safeguards the processes that firms have built through years of careful planning.

Voip phone system

Smaller firms may be able to rely on team member’s cell phones for continued communication while working remotely. However, for attorneys that don’t want to provide clients their personal phone numbers or for larger teams that need more complex conference calling  or voice mail options, cloud-based VoiP (voice over internet protocol) systems offer attorneys the ability to engage in phone communication as if at the office. 

These tools will allow you and your team to continue to focus on your clients instead of on the frustrating logistics of working remotely. 

At Earth Class Mail we’ve developed our tools in collaboration with legal teams to provide the features that matter most to you. Earth Class Mail offers many other solutions for you legal practice, including virtual addresses and automated check deposit.

Earth Class Mail Featured on The Lawyerist Podcast: Episode #256

In this episode of The Lawyerist Podcast, Jess Garza, CEO of Earth Class Mail, sat down with Sam Glover, of The Lawyerist, to discuss how a virtual mailbox or digital mailroom can help attorneys keep postal mail and paper out of the office and enable them to operate a more efficient practice.  

Listen to Garza, discuss the benefits of lawyers using a fully digital mailroom with Glover. Earth Class Mail has been scanning and digitizing postal mail for over fifteen years and is the premier digital mail service provider for businesses across all industries.  The interview with Jess begins at 9:43 and ends at 15:00 if you want to listen to Earth Class Mail’s spotlight in episode 256 of the Lawyerist Podcast.

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Virtual Law Firms Benefiting From Virtual Addresses

For years, law firms of all sizes followed a similar pattern when it came to running their mailroom. These firms would dedicate time and labor to opening, sorting, and filing incoming mail that could be used for more pressing legal work.

Small firms required legal secretaries or assistants to step away from other tasks to open, sort, and deliver incoming mail. Larger firms often used a dedicated mailroom, which involved substantial labor costs and required plenty of physical space. The traditional system for filing away this correspondence and other documentation was not much better. This process drained resources and dramatically increased the amount of physical space each firm needed to hold years’ worth of thick paper files.

Now technology is transforming the way many practices operate – and law firms of every size are utilizing this technology to streamline their mailroom process. For a variety of reasons, including improvements in digital scanning technology, virtual law firms are replacing the traditional brick and mortar experiences.  The concept of a virtual law firm is made available by the use of a virtual mailbox or virtual address, sometimes even referred to as a digital mailroom.. A virtual address is an actual street location that serves as a firm's functioning business address. Firms are able to select the location of their business address from a list of virtual addresses, typically made available from virtual address providers.  Mail sent to this address is then automatically forwarded to the virtual address provider’s processing facility. 

At Earth Class Mail, all mail sent to our virtual addresses is routed to our secure mail processing facility, where incoming mail is received, scanned and digitized. File storage occurs in the cloud; making files and documents readily accessible for use in support of a case.  By using a service like Earth Class Mail we’ve seen many smaller firms avoid overwhelming office expenses and we’ve allowed larger firms to be more agile. In addition to a significant reduction in cost-savings, lawyers can focus more on their practice, creating an experience tailored toward customer service and building relationships.

Year In Review 2019

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2020 we’re also taking the opportunity to reflect on 2019. As a company we have a lot to celebrate given the growth we experienced in new customers, team members, and product enhancements. Most important to us, we continued to transform how our customers receive and interact with their postal mail. 

Check out some of our favorite highlights from 2019 below!  

By the Numbers

Let’s start by taking a look back at 2019 and the number of mail items we processed for our customers.

Product Enhancements 

In early 2019, we released an entirely new interface that, in addition to a new look and feel, introduced a number of new features.  The improvements are a reflection of our mission to transform the way businesses and people receive and interact with their postal mail; making it as simple, fast, and familiar as managing email. 

The new interface is the result of customer interviews and feedback, as well as a study of how customers use our service. Based on what we learned, we introduced new automation rules like auto-deposit for checks, a feature customers love because it ensures expedient payment processing and reduces the time they have to wait to access funds. Another exciting development was more advanced artificial intelligence, or machine learning, that identifies and categorizes incoming documents by type. Building on our optical character recognition capabilities, we began extracting key data from certain document types in 2019; you’ll hear more about this in the year ahead as we further develop this offering in 2020. The result of the work we’ve done in 2019 is a more powerful interface that makes it easier to navigate, organize, and take action on mail items.   

We also brought FileRoom to our customers in 2019. FileRoom gives our customers the ability to have us receive, scan, and digitize paper, beyond mail. It’s our way of doing for all physical documents what we’ve done for mail over the last 15 years. You can read about it in our blog post

One of the accomplishments we’re most proud of is the release of our iOS mobile app for customers. The app makes it easier than ever to manage postal mail on the go. Check it out in the Apple app store!

All of these product enhancements wouldn’t have been possible without our product and engineering teams and the nearly one million lines of code written to support these new features and improvements.  

Legal Solution Provider of the Year

Lawyers find our services particularly useful because of the paper heavy nature of their practices and the large volume of important legal documents they receive through the postal mail.  We’ve long believed that we have a great solution for lawyers looking to go paperless and we’re not alone in that thought. Just before the start of 2020 we were named Legal Tech Solution Provider of the Year by CIO Applications. You can read all about it here

Improving our Customers’ Experience

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and to increase the value we provide our customers. We know security, reliability, accuracy & speed are important to our customers and we plan to heavily focus on enhancing each one of these in 2020. From an educational perspective, we’re excited to announce we’ll be releasing a series of videos during the year to help customers better understand how to get the most out of our services.  

We’re thrilled for the year ahead, and would like to thank you for being an Earth Class Mail customer. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We promise to continue learning and innovating to better meet the needs of our customers and to make it possible to do more than ever with your digital mail.    

Be well,