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Earth Class Mail in Fast Company

We were excited to recently be featured in Fast Company's "The Post Office in the Cloud" - a look at how startup companies are tackling digitization of snail mail.

 Here's a quick snippet featuring Alex Polvi, founder and CEO of CoreOS:

One of the oldest mail digitization services, called Earth Class Mail, integrates with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox to upload scanned mail and with to process invoices and payments.

"Ninety percent of our mail that we actually need, after you weed out the junk, we can digitize it and just have it in our [cloud storage] and that’s good enough," says Alex Polvi, the founder and CEO of server software company CoreOS, which uses Earth Class Mail as its virtual mailroom.

CoreOS has moved offices as it’s grown to its present size of about 40 employees, but it’s maintained a consistent, and somewhat anonymized, mailing address thanks to Earth Class Mail.

Administrative staff can simply handle the company’s mail online, storing necessary documents digitally and having packages forwarded to CoreOS’s physical office address, he says.

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Meet Avery Dorland - Accountant

We love our customers at Earth Class Mail, and are especially excited to start a new blog series to highlight them and their success. With that, we'd love to introduce you to Avery Dorland - accountant, tax professional and Xero specialist.

Thanks for joining us today Avery - tell us about yourself and how you got started in accounting

Sure! It’s actually a great story. I grew up in Canada and moved to Wisconsin after college to work for the Forestry Division of the Department of Natural Resources. While working for the state of Wisconsin I was asked to help manage the books. I found that I really enjoyed working with the numbers, and pretty soon I was promoted to manage the budget for the entire Division. I managed $50 million in operating funds and $10 million in capital development. I would say that this is when things really clicked for me, and I realized that I could go out on my own. I had started using Xero early on, and when they made a push to enter the US market they were looking for partners to help promote the product. I signed up for their partner program and six months later, everything took off.

How have things changed since you started working on your own?

Working on my own and with other business owners has let me learn modern and developing business systems. A new business with 10 employees or fewer can really embrace a digital, no paper, mobile office workflow whereas a 300 employee government agency with 50 years of history is a slow ship to turn and can’t just abandon its old ways. The tools available today to businesses that are just starting to build their administrative and accounting processes let them almost leapfrog ahead of bigger, but slower competitors.

How do you help businesses grow?

I grow businesses by upgrading their data. A business’s financial, tax and sales data usually exists at different stages:

  • Bank Balances: “We know the money's there and that’s all”
  • Spreadsheets: “We have some data in spreadsheets that are becoming overwhelming to update”
  • Accounting: “We use an accounting system like Xero, but it’s not up to date”
  • Current: “We have all of our taxes filed, a good set of financial data but want to plan for the future”
  • Forecasting: “We have good financial data that we use to feed into our budgets that let us set our course for the future”

I strive to move clients up that continuum as each move up the ladder seems to reduce stress, free up owner time and reduce surprises such as large unforeseen tax bills, lost customer orders or out of control expenses.

What products do you depend on to run your business?

I use Xero or Quickbooks online as the anchor for each client and my own financials. Its the hub and then other software feeds data into or out of those systems. collects invoices and pays bills, Earth Class Mail digitizes paper mail and deposits checks, Receipt Bank and Hubdoc collect electronic receipts, Zen Payroll simplifies wages, and Habitrpg is a fun way to keep myself on task.

Any closing thoughts for our readers?

Its harder to rewind established business systems once a business grows, so think ahead to if what you do today will still work if your order numbers grow ten times, or if your business moves. Last, in terms of mail, the IRS and many other tax agencies will only send you physical mail. Are those the things that you want at the top or bottom of your inbox?



In closing - Avery's had great success optimizing his accounting workflow with Earth Class Mail. Our favorite quote from the interview:

"If a client isn't using Earth Class Mail, I feel like I'm taking a giant step backwards."

If you'd like to take your accounting practice to the next level like Avery, sign up for an Earth Class Mail account today.

What's new with ECM?

Welcome to the new Earth Class Mail!

Hi, Doug Breaker here, new CEO of Earth Class Mail. A lot has changed at Earth Class Mail in the last few months and I wanted to take the time to share everything with you. Before I get into that, I want to say thank you to all our current customers. Your support over the years made Earth Class Mail what it is today and we’re excited to continue providing you the fanatical level of service you’ve come to expect.

Here is a recap of the past few months:

  • The Earth Class Mail service you have come to know and love is now Earth Class Mail, Inc. This follows the swift completion of a Chapter 11 process which ended in June of this year. With this comes an influx of new team members, and new owners from Xenon Ventures. Xenon invests in cool tech teams and great companies--and contributes time, talent and experience to help businesses grow to their fullest potential. You may recognize some of the other Xenon companies -,, and What does this mean for you? A better product, more features, better support, and a better all around experience.
  • We're extremely excited to have Jonathan Siegel and Lew Moorman from Xenon advising and investing in us. Jonathan’s a long-time Earth Class Mail customer, and a proven tech entrepreneur and investor. Lew brings over a decade of experience from his role as President of Rackspace. Both plan to offer heavy doses of guidance as we continue to craft Earth Class Mail into a company that serves you better.
  • I have joined the company as CEO. I've spent the last 6 1/2 years at, the last 4 as CEO. Why did I make the jump? I love helping businesses succeed, and find great joy in turning inefficient, error prone processes into elegant, foolproof products. Instead of feeling the pain of dealing with physical mail, we can give consumers and businesses moments of joy as we make the process easy, mistake-proof, and efficient.
  • We've updated our brand to better represent who we are, who we want to help, and how we'll do that. Check out our new website, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.
  • We've introduced a new help center (, upgraded our customer support tools and introduced better internal reporting so that we can keep a close eye on the level of service we provide customers.
  • New customers can choose from simplified pricing. Current customers keep their existing pricing, or can choose one of our new plans if they'd like.
  • You'll start to see improvements in how we support you, and in the value we offer you. We're committed to being a great partner, and will do whatever it takes to be that.

As you can see, it’s been a busy few months!

Next, I’d like to talk about our commitment to you going forward. As a customer, you'll continue to receive the high level of service that you’ve come to expect from Earth Class Mail. We’ll also be making many improvements in our product and service over the coming months. They won't happen immediately, but they will happen. Our team is hard at work making Earth Class Mail more valuable, more useful, and easier to use. If you have questions or feedback on how we can make your life easier, email me via doug at

Finally, to show you how we’re executing on our commitment to help make your life easier, I’m excited to to announce two new features that we’ve just finished putting the final touches on:

  • Cloud storage: This new feature allows you to send all your documents to Google Drive,, and Dropbox. Now it's a snap to get your physical mail stored in the same place as all your other documents. Read more >>
  • Full-text search support: Search through your physical mail as easily as you do your email. We run all mail through full OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which means you can search in the documents we deliver to you. Read more >>

I hope these new features save you a bit of time, and make things easier for you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Earth Class Mail, and the value that we can provide to our customers. It’s going to be a fun ride.