6 Solutions to Make Your Business More Efficient and Effective

Gwen Murray

Gwen Murray

April 15, 2020

6 Solutions to Make Your Business More Efficient and Effective

Every time you turn around, there’s a new productivity app doing the rounds as the number one thing you need to revolutionize your business. And we’ll be honest, there are lots of great ones out there. 

But how do you know if a particular app or program is the right thing for your business? 

We’re always on the hunt for tools that will help our customers achieve their goals, so we’ve put together a list of six of our favorite companies creating innovative solutions for every type of business. 

Invoiced: Solution that helps businesses get paid faster

Watching the money roll in sounds great, but what about those long invoice-to-cash cycles and all that manual data entry? 

Invoiced is a cutting-edge financial platform that helps businesses get paid faster, stop wasting time on collections, and provide a better payment experience for customers — three things that every business wants. 

Invoiced has thousands of customers in 92 countries and nearly $50 billion in receivables processed, so you can be confident these guys know what they’re doing. In fact, they’re pioneers in the field of accounts receivable automation and the #1 rated A/R automation platform on G2 Crowd.  

As an added benefit, the Invoiced platform integrates with Earth Class Mail so that customers with Checkstream-enabled accounts can digitize and apply physical checks. That means you can save countless hours of manual processing and skip all those data entry errors.  

Stripe Atlas: Software solution for new startups 

You’ve got the team, the big idea, and the motivation. But how exactly do you structure a company, especially one that will (hopefully) grow?

Stripe Atlas is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company. Their primary mission is to help entrepreneurs launch their startups — from anywhere in the world. They use a best-in-class legal structure that’s built for scale, and entrepreneurs don’t have to handle all the legal complexity and fees that normally accompany incorporating a company. 

E-commerce companies that use Stripe Atlas get access to powerful financial tools that provide functionality and flexibility to their users. 

And anyone who uses Stripe Atlas gets access to the Stripe Atlas Community, which provides personalized help and learning opportunities — as well as discounts from Stripe partners, like Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean. 

Filevine: Case management solution for law firms

Managing a law firm is a complex process, to say the least. Too many firms rely on outdated programs that make remote working and collaboration difficult and tedious. 

Filevine provides case, matter, investigation, and project management software to over 15,000 legal professionals who manage millions of matters everyday. They provide security and reliability since they’re built on AWS, the cloud network trusted by both Netflix and the Department of Justice (which feels like it’s really covering all the bases). 

Filevine also gives users flexibility so that they can customize their software to automate workflows, create deadline chains, use automated document generation, and generally get more done wherever they are. 

Justice HQ: Solution for consumer advocate attorneys

The resources that accompany a BigLaw job are invaluable, but what if you want to step out on your own? Where do you find mentorship and camaraderie? Not to mention office space?

Justice HQ is a membership of elite consumer advocate attorneys, and they’re not afraid to be upfront about one very important fact: not everyone gets in. Attorneys who make the cut get access to the Justice HQ platform, which includes plenty of tech-based solutions for the modern trial attorney. 

Members-only networking and education events (both in-person and online) provide opportunities for referral and collaboration. The platform integrates with preferred vendors in the legal industry (who often provide discounts to members), including Earth Class Mail. 

Plus, members can use Justice HQ’s modern workspaces, with private offices and conference rooms wired to host remote depositions and meetings, as well as discounts with preferred vendors in the legal industry. 

GroWrk: Ergonomic solutions for remote work

Going remote is a time-saving and money-saving option for lots of companies — even when it’s not required by social distancing. But how do you make sure that all your employees have access to an office setup that works for them? 

GroWrk helps companies provide the best remote work experience for their distributed teams. They equip employees with premium ergonomic home workstations and remote services — everything from desks and chairs to dual monitor mounts and standing desk converters. They even provide one-on-one remote assessments with a certified ergonomist. 

 All GroWrk’s products are available through an innovative monthly subscription model, with free delivery and scheduled pickups. 

Relay: Banking solution for growing companies

Passing the company credit card back and forth is only slightly annoying when there are just two or three of you. Once you start to build a team, that banking method gets a bit more challenging. 

Relay is built for entrepreneurs to make their small business banking easy. With Relay’s platform, team members can collaborate with each other, manage payments, and issue corporate cards — all from their bank.

Relay is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Plus, it has thoughtful integrations to the solutions you know and love (like Transferwise, QuickBooks Online, and Xero). Signing up takes less than 10 minutes, and there are no monthly fees or minimum balances. 

And of course, what’s the solution for people that work remotely or have giant piles of unread mail on their desks? It’s Earth Class Mail. We’re working to bring postal mail into the 21st century. Join us there.


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