5 tips to make working from your RV a success

Tere Kovacs

Tere Kovacs

September 22, 2021

5 tips to make working from your RV a success

I've owned an RV for 10 years, traveling with my family across the Southern United States, from Miami Florida to Northern California, and taken in the journey of the American Dream, Route 66.

While my kids jumped up and down on the master bed watching Cars, the Pixar movie that immortalized the route, my husband and I used the WiFi for other purposes - keeping up with our work. 

We took turns driving while also staying on top of our other responsibilities and schedule - attending and running meetings, making presentations, and managing our teams. 

If you’ve dreamt of touring the country but still need to keep a steady job, it’s not impossible. With a remote job and the right RV, your dreams of becoming a digital nomad can become a reality.

RV digital nomad life
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bolivar

Rise in remote work gives you freedom. Here’s how to work while traveling: 

Remote work may have once seemed impossible before 2020 as many companies had the mindset that working remotely was a threat that impacted worker productivity. However, 2020 brought about one of the biggest revolutions in the workplace—widespread remote work. Even as offices open back up, employers are becoming more flexible with allowing remote and hybrid work options to current and prospective employees. With a job that’s location independent, your office can be anything from a mountain top to a cruise ship.

Studies have shown that employees who can work remotely are more productive, doing more work in less time. In addition, it eliminates daily commutes and lends to more efficient group meetings with less wasted time. Once you’ve find work that allows you to have a nomadic lifestyle, you can start traveling the world and make money while traveling. 

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Courtesy of John Angelastro, from Los Angeles, CA

1. Invest in the right tools


Setting up a designated workspace or office area in your RV will make it easier to see your RV as your new office. 


A good pair of noise-canceling headphones with a built-in mic will come in handy if there’s unexpected noise around your campsite, like construction or traffic, and more importantly, make your calls sound more professional and smoother.

Laptop and Monitors

A laptop is a given in any remote work setup, but having an extra monitor or two helps with multitasking projects. Small, portable monitors are easy to come by and will make a big difference in keeping your digital workspace tidy.

Virtual Assistants and automation tools

Virtual assistants offer a way to outsource small tasks that impair critical business flows. One overwhelming need I had was dealing with my paper mail while I was on the road. It didn’t seem to matter how many bills or essential documents I requested to be processed electronically; there was always a check to be deposited or an unexpected medical bill. I needed a virtual assistant that I could manage from my mobile device and laptop to take all my paper mail to a new virtual plane of existence. I found the best virtual mailbox solution for me - Earth Class Mail. It took about 20 minutes to set up my new account online, including a virtual notary to get the necessary documents signed to meet the USPS requirements - and the company covers the notary fees. I invested another 10 minutes to forward my mail to my new virtual address on the USPS website, and about 60 minutes to provide my vendors with my new address. Within two weeks of signing up, I was paperless!

RV digital nomad contributed photo
Courtesy of Matt Strobel

2. Practice time management skills

Having time management skills is incredibly important for remote work and will help you maintain an appropriate work-life balance. Try setting a reasonable schedule and follow it daily. Allocate time for your important meetings, stretch breaks, and block off time to complete tasks. Working hard is good, but make sure you put aside time to sustain yourself and your mental health.

3. Make yourself accessible

Staying connected to your coworkers can work within an RV lifestyle. Maintain high visibility with your team during working hours so that you stay. My favorite tools for messages are Slack and Google Meet. I keep them handy on my laptop and my mobile phone with alerts. 

4. Have a reliable wireless network with a hot spot

A reliable internet connection is just as important as setting up a designated workspace for remote workers. Many full time RVers have multiple cell phone lines with different providers as cellular service is unpredictable on the road depending on the location of their cellular towers and what RV park you’re at. Therefore, a hotspot is a must to connect to the internet while on the road. I also recommend having multiple WiFi signal boosters in the RV. 

5. Have fun!

Visit and stay at places you’ve always wanted to see like the coastline, beaches, state parks, a winery or brewery, a dude ranch, or a mountain range. 

Ready to make nomad life a reality? Learn about how to sign up for a virtual mailbox here.


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