Washington Virtual Address

Network of real Washington addresses ready for you to receive your mail. Use them for your virtual address, mail scanning, and mail forwarding.

Need an address in Washington? Earth Class Mail gives you the ability to have a mailing address in Washington, rent a PO Box, forward mail in Washington, or check your mailbox with its virtual mailbox in Washington. You can use your virtual address in Washington to register a business. Washington virtual addresses can also help to keep your home address private.


PO Box 34628





113 Cherry St




How Virtual Mail Works

Check the Virtual Mailbox details

We receive your mail

Your postal mail is sent to a virtual address and processed at our secure facilities


We digitize it for you

Your mail is scanned and delivered into your inbox as a high-resolution PDF


You take control

You access your postal mail and deposit checks online

Why get an address in Washington

Not to be confused with the state capital, Washington state is the northern-most pacific northwest state before Canada. With a population of just under 8 million, Washington state is one of the most popular residences for those who prefer hiking and spending time outdoors. The capital city is Olympia, with the largest city being Seattle. Washington state has a unique mix of temperate rainforests and mountains, plus an active volcano or five. Washington draws those in who want a chance to immerse themselves in nature that seems otherworldly. Those who visit Washington are often experienced trekkers who train to navigate the steep slopes. Seattle is the state’s urban center, with a stong corporate presence. Notable companies include Starbucks, Amazon, Costco, and Microsoft. Technology jobs are constantly created here, and many remote workers are choosing Washington as home base. Both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are considered Washington’s resident billionaires. For those of us who are self-proclaimed coffee lovers, Washington is one of the top states to find freshly brewed beans. Couple a tasty handmade latte with the rainy climate that Washington experiences and you have a cozy day for working away! Prefer more sun in your life? A Washington virtual address places you in state at the touch of a button while running your business from anywhere. Check out all of the reasons why we love Washington, and our top performing addresses, so you can get your business on the map.

Postal mail as convenient as email


Prestigious address

Choose a real street address or PO box from one of our 80+ U.S. addresses.


Mail digitization

We digitize your postal mail so you can read or download it from anywhere.


Full-text search

Your postal mail is digitized into fully searchable, high-resolution PDFs.


Software integrations

Integrate with cloud and accounting software providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Bill.com.


Fully mobile

Use our mobile app or web browser to access your postal mail from your phone or tablet.


World-class security

Your data is protected with 256-bit encryption, and stored in our secure facilities.

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