Address in Fargo, ND

Receive mail at a real street address. Need a Fargo address? Earth Class Mail gives you the ability to have a mailing address in Fargo without having to pay for real estate, rent a Fargo PO Box, or check your mailbox with its virtual mailbox in Fargo. We scan and forward mail in Fargo. Remote businesses don't need an office to establish a business, thanks to our Fargo street address. You can use your virtual address in Fargo to register a business or on your company marketing website. Fargo virtual addresses can also help to keep your home address private.

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PO Box 3126




How Virtual Mail Works

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Your postal mail is sent to a virtual address and processed at our secure facilities


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Your mail is scanned and delivered into your inbox as a high-resolution PDF


You take control

You access your postal mail and deposit checks online

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