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Need an address in Kentucky? Earth Class Mail gives you the ability to have a mailing address in Kentucky, rent a PO Box, forward mail in Kentucky, or check your mailbox with its virtual mailbox in Kentucky. You can use your virtual address in Kentucky to register a business. Kentucky virtual addresses can also help to keep your home address private.


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Why get an address in Kentucky

Thoroughbreds, bluegrass, and southern summers categorize Kentucky as one of the most notable southern states in the U.S. Originally an extension of Virginia that separated in 1792, Kentucky has a population of 4, 509, 352 as of 2020. Frankfort is the capital city with a modest population of 28, 602 next to Louisville, which holds over 700,000 people. When Kentucky comes to mind, often it is accompanied by images of horse farms and rolling hills, which is true for most of this state, as it is home to the infamous Kentucky Derby. However, Kentucky boasts decades of wealth and a thriving economy in auto manufacturing, tobacco, and bourbon. In fact, Kentucky as a state produces an impressive 95% of the world's bourbon supply, with 5.7 million barrels being aged yearly. Some niche industries thriving in the metropolitan areas of Kentucky include uranium mining, coal production, medical facilities, and Army Human Resource operations. Kentucky does not have a large corporate concentration so far, leaving ample room for entrepreneurs or businesses to come in and market their products. Business in Kentucky would of course be incomplete without mention of equine tourism and sales, which bring in hundreds of billions of dollars to the already high gross domestic product. While Lousiville’s Churchhill Downs hosts the infamous Kentucky Derby, not all hopeful horses can simply walk on and compete. Keeneland Race Track in Lexington is where young racehorses are bought, sold, and given their paces, with a reported total of $360 Million spent in a single September yearling sale. Kentucky locals are referred to as “Kentuckians”, and many are proud to promote the “Unbridled Spirit” this state offers. And yes, before you ask, the chicken did indeed come before the egg in Kentucky when it came to the delicious beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1930. The KFC brand out of North Corbin is second only to McDonald's and is proof of the acumen of founders out of this southern state. A virtual address in Kentucky brings local ties, a famous postal code, and the chance to break into a bold new market for those who know they can go the extra mile to change the world. Is your business ready to get out of the starting gate? Check out our virtual addresses in Kentucky today!

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