Receive mail at a real street address. Need a Washington address? Earth Class Mail gives you the ability to have a mailing address in Washington without having to pay for real estate, rent a Washington PO Box, or check your mailbox with its virtual mailbox in Washington. We scan and forward mail in Washington. Remote businesses don't need an office to establish a business, thanks to our Washington street address. You can use your virtual address in Washington to register a business or on your company marketing website. Washington virtual addresses can also help to keep your home address private.

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Why get an address in Washington, DC

As the capital of the United States, and formally known as the District of Columbia, Washington D.C has a population of 689,545 as of 2020, placing it as the 20th most populous city in the country. As per the U.S Constitution, Washington D.C is neither part of a state or a state itself, but rather declared a federal district, meaning that it is under the direct law of the federal government. This came even before the land that now houses landmarks such as the Washington Monument and Whitehouse played a key part in American history beginning with the war of 1812. Today, D.C is one of the nation's most recognized cities both nationally and internationally, and stands as a symbol of American culture. Millions travel to D.C. each year to visit such attractions such as the Smithsonian Museum collections, which are free to the public. The economy in D.C houses many large political headquarters, and 25% of the employees there are under the federal government- pushing tourism to the number two spot for jobs within the city. Neighborhoods in Washington D.C offer a unique and different flavor through each one, with longstanding boroughs such as Navy Yard, Dupont Park, Capitol Hill and Chinatown drawing people from all corners of the world to both explore and live inside a piece of history. Families can enjoy settling down in one of the further out suburbs of Riggs Park or Deanwood to enjoy tree-lined streets and an easy commute to the city's big-ticket jobs. Washington D.C is geographically unique in that it offers both waterfront to the east and low ranging mountains to the west with amazing hiking or weekend camping getaways, which isn’t usually what comes to mind when you think of politicians and celebrities calling this city home. The volume of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Washington D.C makes it a prime city for shipping and receiving. The U.S postal service also has its central office here, which as an organization delivers 47% of the world's mail and also operates with the Department of Defense to deliver mail to the military through their Army Post Office. Having a virtual address in Washington D.C brings many of the above A-list factors to your personal or business dealings, without the median $669,000 real estate price needed to have a residence in this historic city.

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