Acceptable Use Policy

Revised October 12, 2023 Do you have a complaint about how an Earth Class Mail customer is using the address? Please contact us at Please provide as much detail as you have to help us identify the customer. Please know that we may share your complaint with our customer.

Notice: Earth Class Mail’s handling facilities are routinely inspected by law enforcement agents who use drug-sniffing dogs and other means of searching for illegal substances. We will cooperate to the maximum extent permitted by law with requests from law enforcement to inspect your packages and other mail. We will not ask for a warrant or other process. We have no obligation to notify you if your items are inspected or seized by law enforcement.

We are not required to deliver any of these items (physically or virtually) or post notice of their receipt to your account: 

- Mail weighing more than 20 pounds or longer than 19″ on its longest size, 14” on its median side, or 12” on its shortest side will not be accepted - Alcohol: We are not licensed to ship and do not have the permits to handle alcoholic beverages. Any alcohol received will be disposed of. - Medicines & Prescription Drugs: We are not licensed to ship and do not have the permits to handle prescription medication. Any prescription medication received will be disposed of. - Tobacco products or Vapes - Hemp products, including CBD, and cannabis that contains THC - Illegal drugs or other illegal substances - Perishable items, including food, fresh fruit, plants, flowers, or anything that requires refrigeration - Improperly contained liquids, or any item that is leaking or has been leaked on - Lithium Ion Batteries: we reject or dispose of all batteries, with the exception of small consumer-grade Lithium-Ion batteries contained in equipment or that qualify under UN3481 - Currency including coins, banknotes, currency notes, securities payable to bearer, traveler's checks, manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, and silver, precious stones, jewelry, and other valuable articles. - Ammunition, Fireworks, Airbags and other things that are designed to explode or start a fire - Any compressed gas, including oxygen - Live animals, including bees and insects - Ivory, shark fins, rhino horns, and other material derived from threatened or protected animal species - Human remains, including cremated remains - Any item that legally requires Hazmat markings or placards, regardless of whether the original shipper properly marked the shipment - Any material that is obscene, hateful, is an incitement to violence, or violates other reasonable norms - Materials that present a risk to national security - Any substances or materials that are illegal to possess or illegal to ship under the laws of the United States, international law, the laws of the place from which it was sent, or the laws of the place to which it is addressed - Anything that may not be shipped under US Postal Service regulations (Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items), or if the shipment to you is made using a carrier other than the US Postal Services, anything that is prohibited by the rules if the USPS or that carrier. For example: UPS, FedEx - Anything that creates a risk to the health and safety of our personnel, or to the public. - Any item that was shipped as the result of a fraudulent or illegal transaction.

We may inspect your items

If we have a reasonable basis to suspect that an item violates these restrictions, we may open the item and any containers within the item.

You may not use your ECM address as part of any activity that violates the law or that results in recurring complaints from third persons to ECM.

For example, you may not use your ECM address in bulk email or other communications that result in recurring complaints to ECM from recipients of your communications.

We may notify and cooperate with law enforcement

We may notify law enforcement of any item or activity that we believe is prohibited and provide information regarding the item and your account with ECM, without notifying you. This includes law enforcement in the location where we have our offices, or any office or agency of the United States, a State, territory or possession or the United States, or an agency having jurisdiction in the place you list as your physical address in our account records.

Our reasonable determination controls

You agree that we may use our reasonable judgment to determine if your mail items or activities violate these restrictions. Reasonable minds can differ. If you dispute our determination, our determination controls so long as it is reasonable, even if your interpretation of these rules is also reasonable.

Unsure? Ask Us!

If you are unsure about receiving a certain item, please contact customer support before having it shipped to you.

We will dispose of items that violate our policy in the way that seems best to us

We may take any of the following actions with respect to any item that violates our policy: - destroy the item; - turn the item over to law enforcement; - donate the item to a charity of our choice, including holding an auction with the proceeds to be donated to a charity; - return the item to the sender; or - require you to arrange for the item to be removed from our facility.

We may bill you for our reasonable expenses incurred to dispose of items in accordance with this policy and to remediate any risk to our facility or personnel resulting from the item.

For example, if we have to arrange for the removal of a hazardous substance from our facility, we may bill you for the cost of the removal and facility cleanup.

We are not liable to you for the value of any item that we dispose of in accordance with this policy.